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Case Study

Novartis - InsideMS VR Experience


How might Novartis provide better education to healthcare professionals that adds immediate value to their care of patients?

Hatch our Australian off ran a series of Innovation Labs with the neuroscience team which enabled them to deliver a 5 year strategy that focussed on Novartis building an innovative value-add partnership with their healthcare professional community.

Outcomes included the development of two education tools Charcots Room - A Student training tool in VR and InsideMS an education tool to build an understanding of the disease evolution of Multiple Sclerosis in two patient cases.


InsideMS is an AR educational tool designed for healthcare professionals which showcases the progression of MS in two real patient cases over a 10 year period.

An interactive, self-driven chapertised tool, it provides a narrated medical history of each patient's MS journey, with unique and powerful learning experience that uses 3D interactive models of each patients brain with clinical features all built from their MRI scans

An interactive interface allows users to easily navigate through the progression of the disease and to interact with the 3d model of the brain by zooming in, spinning and viewing lesions in color in their position from any perspective. Trackers provide quantitive data against key medical indicators with further information including MRI scans across Access Points.


After the success of the InsideMS AR App, Novartis wanted to give as many Healthcare professionals as possible access to this powerful learning experience, no matter what their resources, wherever they were in the world - as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

Using the existing 3D models and assets from the AR toll we developed the experience for online in WebGL with a user experience and refreshed interface suited for online

InsideMS is now available online via Novartis Medhub platform to healthcare professionals who have access to the internet, a smartphone or a device.

Novartis was awarded 2019 Top 10 most innovative health companies for their innovative work on Inside MS. InsideMS was developed in consultation with the amazing team at Syndey Neuroimaging Analysis Centre (SNAC)

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"The team had the ability to turn our medical data into powerful immersive stories. Inside MS gives you the ability to see how Multiple Sclerosis exists in the brain through a 3 dimensional AR experience, using color and interactivity - this is a very powerful communication and training toll with the potential to greatly impact and empower students and patients in the future."

Novartis - InsideMS VR Experience