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Virtual Production

StaplesVR Virtual Production services

Virtual production is the physical meeting the digital. Using large LED screens virtual production is a revolutionary step forward in onset film VFX capture. Virtual production hands complete control over to the film maker onset.

The Future of Filmmaking is here and StaplesVR is at the forefront of virtual production in New Zealand and Australia leading the charge on every aspect of the VP process.

Benefits of Virtual Production

On Set

StaplesVR has a team of Disguise virtual production technicians and Unreal artists to provide you onset support and asset creation. Our team has experience on some of the largest virtual production stages and high end productions.

Asset Building

We build digital assets, characters and environments for virtual production and augmented overlays which allow filmmakers to use their traditional film making knowledge within the virtual production environment.

Benefits of Virtual Production

  1. Lighting
  2. Complete design Freedom
  3. Full Environmental Control
  4. Building Virtual Worlds before shooting
  5. Encourages more natural performances
  6. Minimises cost and avoids budget blowouts
  7. Realising the vision earlier
  8. Seeing the finished product in realtime

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