Design Sprints

Our team of innovation and strategy experts ensure a collaborative and insightful process that solved key problems facing your business and enables your entity to innovate with a user centered design approach.

Our design sprints are a 3 day process designed to ensure cross team collaboration and accelerate technology innovation in your business

Design Sprint Methodology

Our Design Sprint follows four phases: Learn, Define, Prototyping and Validate.


In this phase, we gather information from the participants at the table, as well as relevant experts in the field. We define and articulate the challenges from a business, user, competitor and technological point of view. We uncover what are the 4-5 key problems facing your business.


After choosing a specific problem focus as well as goals, success metrics and KPIs, the team generates and shares ideas. Using this input, a project concept is defined.


StaplesVR work off-line to analyse and digest all the gathered information. The ideas will be turned into astoryboard outlining the main project deliverables in the form of a reverse brief.


StaplesVR will report back a clear report defining the scope of the project, a storyboard, important KPIs and metrics, relevant industry insights and an initial high level budget, our reverse brief.

You are then free to choose how to progress, do you want to engage in a Make phase with our team? do you need to go through a formal tender process? do you have another company in mind for development? All these avenues are now available to your team using the information and reverse brief documents developed in your design sprint.

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