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Case Study

Antartic Heritage Trust - Explore Hillary's Hut with a VR Experience


How can we transport the world to Antartica to learn about the early polar explorers and how can we share the story of these explorers to excite the next generation?

StaplesVR partnered with AUT and Antarctic Heritage Trust to send a LiDar team to the ice in early 2019, on their return both the inside and outside of Sir Edmond Hillary's Hut was processed and turned into a 3D virtual world, designed to share the work the trust has done to preserve the hut and share the location with the world.


Together we have carefully recreated the hut in VR and captured key elements of the internal and external of the physical space.

There are two versions of the experience, 1 is a linear experience to educate the user on live in Antarctica for the early polar explorers and some of the equipment and way they would have survived and lived.

The other experience is a more interactive non-linear story designed for classroom use for children 5-12, this experience is designed to allow the user to interact and learn in their own way the different elements of the hut and explore their surroundings.


The VR brings the site to live for people of all ages and backgrounds. Virtual reality allows you to visit these places without travelling to them or damaging the preservation of the location.

Experience Hillary's Hut free on Steam

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"Creating an immersive virtual reality experience in such an extreme environment is extremely ground breaking"

Antartic Heritage Trust - Explore Hillary's Hut with a VR Experience